High Heels: Enemy to Your Spine

See how dangerous your high heels can be for your health.

See how high heels hurt your spine

Looks are of great importance to women, and many of them feel that nothing gives them a more appealing appearance than wearing sky high heels.

However, before you fill your wardrobe with all those flashy shoes, take time to consider what you're compromising in the chase after style and fashion: your health.

Below are the reasons why you need to ditch those heels – or at least wear them less frequently.

Heels and Your Spine

For a very long time, heels have been associated with poor spine health.

The very fact that there are heels you cannot walk in because they are too high or extremely uncomfortable goes to prove that heels do your spine no good. If you're having problems with your spine – and you live in New Jersey – check out spine doctor nj, one of the best specialists in the city.

Heels affect your posture and gait in more ways than you imagine. This happens because when you wear heels, there is uneven distribution of weight on your toes and feet in general.

You will agree with me that most heels, unlike other shoes, have an unnatural shape, that is, one that does not resemble the shape of your feet. So due to the unnatural distribution of weight in your feet, you tend to tilt forward.

In order to counter this misalignment of your spine, you lean backward thus over aching your back.

And it goes on.

Over time, the discomfort you feel when you wear heels can aggravate to pain and even medical conditions such as osteoarthritis of the knee and plantar fasciitis. See what could happen to your spine if you don't take care of it.

Heels don’t just affect your back though; they also affect your toes.

Because most heels usually assume a pointed- toe design, your toes end up being crammed in very little space. This cramming of toes in inadequate space can lead to straining the nerves in your toes and development of the highly unpleasant corns and bunions.

How you can reduce the negative effects of heels

You don't need to throw away your all your heels, but you do need to reduce the frequency of wearing them.

For example, when commuting to and from work, you could wear other shoes and reserve your heels for when you really need them.

Also, you could choose to wear heels for those occasions that do not require you to stand for long.

Additionally, do some simple exercises before and after wearing heels. For example, you can drop a pencil and try picking it with your toes.

You need to buy a wider variety of shoes so that you are not just stuck with heels. And even when you buy heels, buy those that do not exceed a heel of 2 inches and those that have a good insole that will reduce sliding.


When all is said and done, heels do look beautiful on women, but you have to determine what is of greater importance, style or health.